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About Me

“Doing something you love in life is a gift!  I had no idea God would give me the gift of art when he sent me down a path I had been on as a child with my dad”

My dad, Robert was a self-taught artist and sculptor, and his brother, Bill was a self-taught painter. Both men were accomplished in their fields.

 As a kid, my dad would take us to the waterfront near the Berkeley Marina to search for driftwood that he would transform into these beautifully sculpted pieces which would end up in art shows, festivals, and museum exhibits where they would be on display.  I remember asking my dad once why he always sold my favorite pieces.  His response, “I would never sell anything if I always kept my favorite pieces.”

 In March of 2015, I attended the Christian Assembly women’s retreat and I found myself in an art workshop. Trust me, that was not my plan. I wanted to go shopping in my free time! It was at that workshop, painting with watercolors that a new passion flickered.

That painting was far from a masterpiece but there was joy in that moment that sparked the desire to explore more. Sherry was leading the workshop and at the end asked if anyone wanted to explore more art in a life group. I knew I had to sign up.
I have spent my time with a group of amazing artists discovering our passion for art. We have explored sketching, drawing, painting with watercolor and acrylic paint, mixed media, and more. And in the midst of all of it exploring the love of Christ in our life and our art.
My website is a mix of my gifted family, my radio career, my love of art, and my passion to create. This is the heart of whom God has shaped me to be.

Behind the scenes

I am the Oaktown girl from LL Cool J’s song. Yeah, I went there….. I was born and raised in Oakland California, it is the Bay Area to those of us that call it home. I went to San Francisco State before starting my on-air career in Nevada. I’ve made stops in Monterey, San Jose, and San Francisco along the way. I left the Bay Area to make Hot 92.3 in Los Angeles my home in 2001. I have been heard on radio across the country, in New Orleans, Chicago, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.

Many have said my unique appeal, is my ability to sound like your friend. I love what I do and that makes it easy for me to be friendly and down to earth; not to mention, my life is rooted in my faith and God’s love.

Currently, you can hear me on  KEARTH 101 Saturdays from 10:00am – 3:00pm If you need a friendly voice to keep you company, I am your girl~

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Copyright 2023© |  Art By Renee Taylor, LLC

Copyright 2023© |  Art By Renee Taylor, LLC