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Oh, This Art Thing

I love it! I sold my art at two different Mother’s Day events. At this point in my art career, I done several art events, a coffee house showing, an art sale at my house for family and friends and a Christmas Boutique event. Mostly events with people I know. The two Mother’s Day events […]

Don’t Bring a Mess into 2019

I started the year by taking a little break from painting, doing some drawing and working out some new ideas and techniques I wanted to try. Or…was that my way of avoiding my messy art room? I was knee deep in it at the end of the year. I held my first art sale, participated […]

Essential Oils For Beginners

Welcome to doTerra! While essential oils and plant extracts have been used for centuries, essential oils still hold relevant applications today. With advancing technology, improved quality, potency, and safety, essential oils are now more accessible and easy to use in everyday life. Although essential oils were often used as a part of cultural practices and […]