Oh, This Art Thing

I love it! I sold my art at two different Mother’s Day events. At this point in my art career, I done several art events, a coffee house showing, an art sale at my house for family and friends and a Christmas Boutique event. Mostly events with people I know. The two Mother’s Day events truly pushed me outside of my comfort zone as an artist. And here’s what I learned.

The first thing and maybe the most important, I love doing this! Not just selling my art (of course I love that) but connecting with people and talking about my art. And the people that bought my art and even some that didn’t still wanted to hear about my art and how it was made.

Second thing. The event size can make a difference. The first event was in the lobby of a big office complex and there were only 6 vendors. I did very well at this event. The second event was the Rose Bowl Flea Market where there were hundreds of vendors and thousands of people. Those two may not be the best combination. There’s a lot to buy and shoppers want to see it all and decide what they want most.

I am grateful I did both events within days of each other. And while one wasn’t as financially successful as the other, I know I am doing what I love. I now know every event will bring me a different appreciation for my art and who will react to it. I am ready and excited to do more events.